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PCIe/104(StackPC) 105 watt DC/DC PSU Module

  • PCIe/104 Stackable bus (Type2)
  • Input voltage 9V to 36V DC-in
  • 105W Max output power
    +3.3V@3A (10W Max.)
    +5V@6A (30W Max.)
    +5V_SB@1A (5W Max.)
    +12V@4-5A (50-60W Max.)
  • Efficiency as high as 90%
  • Use Linear Tech, providing high performance IC
  • StackPC & PCIe/104 compliant
  • Extended temperature -40°C to 85°C
  • Technical Profile
  • Specifications

SK704 is a PCIe/104(StackPC) peripheral module designed for embedded stackable system, transferring from 9V ~ 36V DC-in to +3.3V, +5V, +5V_SB and +12V DC-out. The power module supplies maximum 105Watt power output with PCIe/104 stackable bus structure. It is designed with Linear Tech, providing high performance IC and power capabilities. It is available with not only StackPWR connectors but also PCIe/104 connectors. SK704 allows a wide input voltage range from +9V to +36V DC. The elaborate placement of controllers makes it able to operate under harsh environment from -40 to 85°C. As the heat generation is accumulated on the bottom; therefore the heat could easily be conducted to the aluminum heat sink or chassis and further be dissipated. Besides, this allows the users easier to build a fanless system. With its high efficiency and the capabilities, SK704 is suitable for mission-critical rugged applications including military, heavy-duty vehicles, light industry and soon.

Operating Temperature
-40 to 85°C  
Interface StackPC PWR or PCIe/104 stackable bus (Type2)
Input voltage 9V to 36V DC
Maximum output power 105W Max.
+3.3V@3A (10W Max.)
+5V@6A (30W Max.)
+5V_SB@1A (5W Max.)
+12V@4-5A (50-60W Max.)
Efficiency Up to 90%
Dimension 95 x 90 mm