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System & Platform

Copper Heat-Pipe & Patent Radiator

Patent High & Low Radiator

PERFECTRON’s patent high & low heat radiator boasts its high energy efficient, light-weight design principles. We provide you with our one of a kind thermal solution, through the unique design of wave lines, which are, according to our precise calculation, placed on the lateral side. This kind of construction can increase the dissipated interface up to 30~40%, thus achieve the highest level of performance.

High Efficiency Copper Heat-pipe

As the most common heat-transfer device available, heat pipes can manage the transfer of heat between two solid interfaces effectively. Combining the advantages of thermal-conductivity and phase transition, heat pipes are extremely light-weight compared with traditional cooling methods. Following our core principle, PERFECTRON incorporates only the best of the best materials. Copper heat pipes offer high effective thermal conductivity and are considered the most reliable cooling method.

By integrating the two methods, PERFECTRON presents fan-less systems that are able to withstand and survive in extremely rugged terrain and circumstances.

Honeycomb dissipating Vents Design

High Performance in 1U 19” Rack-mount System

PERFECTRON’s 1U 19” system featuring Intel Core I series processors with fan-less design which can support operating temperature up to +70°C. It is by effective honeycomb ventilation and six copper heat pipes that PERFECTRON’s ROCK series can achieve supreme extended operating temperature and high computing performance at the same time.

The honeycomb vents are pre-drilled in rigid aluminum frames to fasten thermal convection and the airflow that will astonishingly enhances ventilation. The enclosure features large, open honeycomb vents on the top, sides, front and back instead of fan solution that allows natural convection cooling that gather dust easily. This heat dissipating design can dispel heat quickly through the honeycomb cells without occupying much space. The unique design enables greater airflow through the entire area of the honeycomb surface. The metalized polymeric honeycomb also brings up excellent rigidity and pressure resistance.

Proven Efficiency& Reliable in Harsh Conditions

Industrial application solutions demand to operate in extreme conditions and temperatures, thermal shock, high humidity and electromagnetic disturbances. Since the applications typically operate in harsh environments under all weather conditions, the reliability then face severe challenge. PERFECTRON develops wide temperature design principles to ensure product reliability under every possible operating condition. PERFECTRON implements extremely strict testing procedure, which is composed with 2000 times on/ off test and wideband, extended temperature testing program.


Power On/Off 2000 Times Cycles & -40°C Cold Start

For 2000 times on/ off test, Perfectron tests 1000 times power on/ off test at 25°C, 500 times at high temp. 85°C and 500 times at low temp. -40°C.


-40 to +85°C Burn-in

For Wideband extended temperature testing program, we do thermal shock burn in test for 51 hours at -40°C to~ 85°C, high temperature burn in test for 48 hours at 85°C and low temperature burn in test for 48 hours at -40°C

These testing procedure evaluates both component and system performance effectively through dynamic temperature burn-in cycles. Only the very high standard guarantees our customers advanced reliability without degradation of performance or function loss.