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SK515_Mezzanine COM Express Type 6 Carrier board, -40°C~85°C_01-1
SK515_Mezzanine COM Express Type 6 Carrier board, -40°C~85°C_01
SK515_Mezzanine COM Express Type 6 Carrier board, -40°C~85°C_02
SK515_Mezzanine COM Express Type 6 Carrier board, -40°C~85°C_03
SK515_Mezzanine COM Express Type 6 Carrier board, -40°C~85°C_04

COM Express Type 6 carrier board w/PCIe104, MXM, 9~36V DC-in, Extended Temp. -40°C to 85°C

  • COM Express Type 6 Support Up to Intel XEON E-2276ME, i7-9850H Processor
  • Standard MXM Type 3.1 Support Up to NVIDIA® Quadro®, Tesla®, and GeForce® GPUs
  • PCI/104 Express Expansion Slot for Modular Open Stracture
  • Multi-Expansion Slots include Dual Mini PCIe Express Slots, 1 x M.2 Slot
  • Extreme Temperature Support -40°C to 85°C
  • GPU can be targeted for 4 Displayport outputs
  • Technical Profile
  • Specifications
  • GPU

COM Express, a computer-on-module (COM) form factor, is a highly integrated and compact PC that can be used in a design application much like an integrated circuit component. The COM Express Module integrates core CPU and memory functionality, the common I/O of a PC/AT, USB, audio, graphics (PEG), and Ethernet. SK515 feature a range of Intel processors, up to the latest Intel Core series. SK515 are built to operate in harsh environmental conditions, the operating temperatures as low as -40°C to as hot as 85°C. From low power consumption to high performance processing power, SK515 are built to suit a wide range of computing applications from signal processing to unmanned vehicles and more.



Rich Expansion Slot
SK-515 provides rich expansion to make the whole solutions easier. We could use PCIe 104 related product SK506, SK303, SK1050 and SK1660S




  1. StackPC-FPE form factor -
  2. PCIe/104 stackable bus structure -
  3. Reliable Ethernet technology from Intel i350-AM4 controllers -
  4. Total 6 independent LAN connections (2 from host board, 4 from Intel controllers) -
  5. Flexible options for Ethernets through RJ45 or 10 pin-headers -
  6. High-performing bridgeless design supporting PCI Express Gen 2.1 5GT/s -
  7. Extended temperature -40 to 85°



  • SK401:
  1. StackPC form factor -
  2. PCIe/104 stackable bus structure -
  3. Reserve PCI/104 connector for different stacking criteria -
  4. Extended temperature -40 to 85°C






  1. PCI/104-Express, PCI & PCIe connectors (w/StackPC design)
  2. PCIe/104 stackable bus structure -
  3. PCIe to PCI adapter function -
  4. COM: 4 x RS232/422/485 with 5V/12V selectable and isolation function -
  5. Extended Temp.: -40°C ~ 85°C



  • SK1050-NVIDIA GTX1050Ti MXM 3.1 Graphics Module:
  1. Powered by NVIDIA GeForce® GTX1050Ti 
  2. MXM 3.1Type-A Module  
  3. High-speed 4GB GDDR5 Memory  
  4. 768 new-gen. Pascal architecture CUDA cores
  5. Outputs 4 Channel Support
  6. DisplayPort 1.2 Certified, DisplayPort 1.3/1.4 Ready
  7. Support NVIDIA CUDATM, OptimusTM, DirectX® 12, OpenGL® 4.5





  • SK1660S:
  1. NVIDIA GTX 1060SUPER MXM 3.1 Graphics Module
  2. Powered by NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1060SUPER 
  3. MXM 3.1Type-B Module  
  4. 192-bit, 6GB GDDR6 Memory 
  5. Outputs 4 Channel Support 
  6. Support NVIDIA CUDA, DirectX® 12, OpenGL® 4.6




Operating Temp.

-40°C to 85°C


COM Express CPU Options

Intel® Xeon® D-1540 (Broadwell, 8 x 2.0 / 2.6 GHz, 12MB cache, 45 W)

Intel® Xeon® E3-1505L v5 (Skylake 6th Gen, 4 x 2.0 / 2.8 GHz, 8MB cache, 25 W)

Intel® Core™ i7-7820EQ (Kabylake 7th Gen, 4 x 3.0 / 3.7 GHz, 8MB cache, 45 W)

Intel® Core™ i7-6822EQ (Skylake 6th Gen, 4 x 2.8 / 3.5 GHz, 8MB cache, 45 W)

Intel® Core™ i7-6820EQ (Skylake 6th Gen, 4 x 2.0 / 2.8 GHz, 8MB cache,25 W)

Intel® Core™ i3-6100 (Skylake 6th Gen, 2 x 3.7 GHz, 3MB cache,51 W)

Intel® Core™ i3-6100E (Skylake 6th Gen, 2 x 2.7 GHz, 3MB cache,35 W)

GPU Module Options

NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 1050Ti – (Pascal, 768 CUDA Cores, 60W)

NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 1060M – (Pascal, 1280 CUDA Cores, 80W)

NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 1070M – (Pascal, 2048 CUDA Cores, 120W)

NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 1080M – (Pascal, 2560 CUDA Cores, 150W)

NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 1660S – (Pascal,1408 CUDA Cores, 125W)

COM Express Compatibility

COM Express® Type 6


MiniPCIe Expansion

2 x Full-size mini PCIe (1 with mSATA supported)

M.2 Expansion

1 x 2280 M key (SATA only)

PCIe/104 Expansion

4 x PCIe x 1

1 x PCIe x 4

5 x USB 2.0

1 x LPC

1 x SPI



4 x DisplayPort outputs from GPU, 6 total


1 x output from COM Express®, 1 x output from GPU


1 x dual channel 18/24-bit LVDS


Gigabit Ethernet

2 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports



4 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0

COM Port

4 x RS232/422/485(function select by jumper)


1 x Line-out, 1 x MIC-In

Power System

Input Power_SYS

9~36V (4P Terminal Block)

Input Power_MXM

12V (ATX 4P)

Power Consumption

Varies per COM Express /MXM with different CPU and GPU models

RTC Battery

3V CR2032

Mechanical and Environment


190 x 185 mm

Operating Temperature

-40 to 85°C

Storage Temperature

-40 to 85°C

Relative Humidity

10% to 90%, non-condensing


 All Operating Temperature meet from 0°C to +55°C. Could Customize the Operating Temperature from -40°C to +70°C.

CPU Products List


GPU Products List